DESTINY: Only an invincible love can change a destiny

The following morning sun struck the edge of Sheena’s pillow with potent brilliance. Sheena woke up by the cheeps and twitters of the early risers out of the doors. A bird looked in through the window and tapped with its beak on the glass.

“Sheena! Wake up!”

She slides out of the bed and walked over to the window. Far below her window was her dog running around. A faint white cloud moved slowly past her window in the serene blue sky. She could have gazed out her window for hours but she had to get dressed and ready, it was another day at the market selling her grandmas’ goods, the heat was unbearable women were waving their fans to keep cool.

When the day was over, she would start her journey towards her secret place, it was a long walk and she loved every minute of it, despite the heat. For weeks this continued until one day among her friends; the trees and the singing tunes of birds she saw a young, tall figure in the pool swimming. He was white with short cut blond hair. She stopped and she quickly hid herself behind a plant which had big broad leaves and stared at the figure in the water. “Who is he?” she asked herself. As she stepped back a little not noticing that there was a large chunk of rock, she stumbled over and fell backwards towards a large bush which made a sound. Jonathan, hearing a slight noise behind him, he turned his head to see who or what it was “Whose there!” he shouted out. He could not see anything only plants and trees around the pool. He went back to relax himself swimming in the water. Then he heard the sound again. This time he looked around, something ran quickly away and he stared, it was a woman, a young woman. Sheena was afraid that she turned and ran away, but one of her sandals came off her feet. She did not go back to get it, she was so afraid that she hurried all the way home.